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Achievement Points - Where your points don't make prizes

Epitaph Achievement System

Epitaph operates a system of tracking game achievements. These achievements are on public display for each player, and come with an XP reward as a little present for your Dedication to the Game.

Achievements and Quests

Achievements are not quests, although at first glance you'd be forgiven for not seeing the distinction. Our design philosophy is that quests are puzzles, whereas achievements are rewards for participating and excelling in the game. There is no puzzle element - every achievement is listed on the achievements webpage and in the game, along with the details of how the achievement is awarded.

No Secrecy

Achievements, unlike quests, have no requirement to be In-Character - thus, they are a combination of in-game elements and out-of-game elements. They are also not subject to our policy on quest secrecy. Achievements are public domain knowledge - talk about them as much as you like. Indeed, for those who gain an achievement over a certain level, there is a public inform that will be triggered for everyone to see, unless they have chosen to hide it.

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