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Addiction - Turn off your TV and do something less boring instead


We love our dedicated, addicted players - we really do. But we also worry about you. Seriously, when was the last time you called your mother? Is everything okay at home? Far be it from us to tell you how you should spend your time, but you shouldn't be spending it all here. We give kind of mixed messages on this - there are achievements for example for 'addiction', but they are set at relatively low levels. We don't really want people playing for unhealthy periods of time, although we do want people playing.

Addiction Profile

The Phillip Zombardo NPC on Alphabet Street will give you updates on how mathematically addicted you are to the game - it is these that are used to categorise your 'long term' and 'short term' addiction profiles. Short term is between one consultation and the last, and long term is the average of all your visits to the good doctor. It is very difficult to budge the latter after a long enough period of time, but the former is relatively easy to do. As such, the achievements that are offered for addiction are designed for long term players... you can't 'grind' these out, and you shouldn't really try.

Syntax Forms

request hypnotherapy [from] <object> 

Ask Zombardo for a consultation about your memory loss.

consult [with] <object> 

Ask Zombardo for a consultation about your addiction.

Copyright Statement

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