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Codex - exhuming the past


The codex system is a collecting mechanic that allows you to unlock stories about our apocalyptic universe. Built into our scavenge handler, the majority of the items used by codex are found by searching. Piece by piece, story by story, you will discover another side of the world. The abstract presentation of codex allows us to show you stories in a way that brings you directly into the zombie universe.

Codex items

A combination of found codex items and regular items will open snippets of survivor stories, location information, and other story elements. Codex items can be found anywhere, including in corpses - you'll need the butcher command in order to extract special body parts and tissue samples from bodies.

How do you use codex?

Check out the codex command to see a list of current entries. Entries are categorized by their 'collection'. Unlocking all the entries will grant the rewards of its collection; currently, this means a new player title. The future is wide open for codex, and it is limited only by the constraints of the brutal world you have chosen to experience.


The collections will give you a hint as to where you may find each codex; but be reminded that this isn't always true - codex is about exploration and experimentation. Sometimes you may simply discover a seemingly unimportant item; there's something odd about it, disconnected. In Epitaph, certain items have been imprinted with extreme emotions by those who owned them, and they have become part of a larger story. They wait in the shadows, hoping to be seen by survivors.

Syntax Forms


List the codex entries you have unlocked.

codex unlock <entry> with <components> 

Unlock a codex entry (temporary syntax).

codex <entry> 

Read a codex entries you have unlocked.


Example one

butcher behemoth hand from corpse with knife You hack on the corpse of massive behemoth for a bit, and come up with some goodies. In a manner of speaking.

Example two

codex unlock behemoth with hand,samples You have unlocked the Codex entry 'Behemoth' You unlock a codex entry with the huge zombie hand and two zombie tissue samples.

See Also:

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