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Cover - cowering like a little girl


Cover and concealment is an important part of staying alive in a firefight. You can take cover behind a suitable item by using the 'behind' syntax on any of the standard position commands - so you can 'kneel behind' or 'stand beind' things that can provide you cover in a fight.

What does cover do?

Cover makes it harder for people at range to effectively hit you with gunfire. It doesn't stop them, it just makes it harder. Cover also comes into play in certain kinds of stealth - rooms with lots of things to hide behind are easier to sneak through than rooms with nothing to hide behind.

Finding cover

The 'concealment' command tells you what in your current environment is likely to make reasonable cover.

Syntax Forms

conceal_ment [here] 

Make an assessment of what could be used for cover in your current room.

conceal_ment <object> 

Assess how much cover the indicated object could provide.


Example one

> concealment corpse You can see that the mangled corpse of a teenage girl provides no cover.
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