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Credits - I'd like to thank my agent...


No game as complex as Epitaph is constructed alone, especially when the start point was with a set of code developed on another MUD. This file then is a thank you to those who came before, and may indeed still be playing an active part with regards to Epitaph's continued good health.

The Mudlib

Epitaph runs on the Epiphany Mudlib, which is a heavily modified version of the Discworld 18.0a mudlib. While we have made many changes over the months and years of Epitaph's development, we still use a considerable amount of the underlying Discworld mudlib. The Epiphany mudlib then is a derivative work, and full credit and acknowledgement of our debt to Discworld is given. A full accounting of those who contributed to the Discworld lib itself is impossible to give - there have been many who have generously donated their time to make the lib as featured as it is. The lib is linked off of http://discworld.atuin.net/lpc/links/mudlinks.html, and also http://lpmuds.net/downloads.html for those who want to give it a try. The Epiphany lib itself is not freely available, but interested parties can discuss future options with Drakkos.


Epitaph is hosted with the good people at bHost. The underlying linux distribution is Ubuntu 11.10. If you fancy some good VPS hosting of your own, I recommend them - they're very affordable, very well-specced and offer convenient administration features. If you sign up, our referral code is 119631 - it's essentially a way to get bHost to help shoulder some of our running costs! Browse to https://www.bhost.net/home?afid=119631 to give us our credit.


Epitaph runs on FluffOS, which is a MudOS derivative that is currently supported by Wodan@Discworld. You can think of the driver as the operating system upon which the MUD functions - without FluffOS, our game would be little more than a weird arrangement of 1s and 0s on a hard-drive. The latest version of FluffOS (2.26 as of the time of writing) is usually announced on http://lpmuds.net/forum/index.php?board=2.0


The image of the shambler silhouetted against the moon is the work of the lovely and talented Marta Krukowska, who is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Dundee. Some other artwork comes from http://game-icons.net/, where there is a wide variety of neat icons for games.

Epitaph's Developers

Last, but not least, credit is due to Epitaph's development team who have built the game that you hopefully enjoy. It is their blood, their sweat, and their tears that makes Epitaph what it is. It's quite disgusting, when you stop to think about it.

Copyright Statement

Epitaph - Epiphany v1.2.13 [release]. Copyright © Imaginary Realities Ltd 2009 -