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Epiphany -


Epitaph runs on a custom mudlib. Originally, this was the Discworld 18.0a mudlib, but over the years we have modified it to such an extent that it really warrants its own label. As such, it is now called the Epiphany mudlib. It is not freely available, but future plans for the MUD involve the creation of a federation of Epiphany MUDs, all working together to maintain and expand the core codebase.

Why Epiphany?

An epiphany is a sudden moment of startling insight - we believe that's what you get when you use the Epiphany lib to build a modern text based game. We have adopted many innovations, and our internal tools make use of a broad range of technologies new and old. The result is a tremendously flexible mudlib that allows for the clean separation of engine and game content as well as 'live' content and 'development' content. In short, using our mudlib will grant you startling insight into how we can do so much so quickly.

How do I get hold of it?

You can't just yet - we have no plans to release Epiphany as a public mudlib that anyone can download. We do however have future plans for ways by which interested parties can create their own Epitaph MUDs as part of an integrated federation. If you're interested in that, you can talk to Drakkos directly.

Copyright Statement

Epitaph - Epiphany v1.2.13 [release]. Copyright © Imaginary Realities Ltd 2009 -