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Faction System - Peer Pressure


Epitaph has no system of character classes (although we do have professions). Instead, we use factions. These are groupings of individuals with a particular philosophy, and each of these will offer opportunities to a player - they will often provide missions, quests, and favours. Additionally, they usually come with a faction trainer who will permit you to spend some XP in exchange for skill advancements.


Each faction will keep track of your 'standing' - this is your reputation within the faction and translates into how much they like you. This will influence how far they are willing to train you, what they are willing to sell, and what kind of missions you may be given. The higher your standing is, the better - the lower your standing, the more likely the faction is to be unfriendly, or even outright hostile. Your standing is adjusted by performing missions, killing certain NPCs, and some quests. Sometimes your standing will be adjusted in one faction by it being adjusted by another - this represents situations where factions are philosophically linked or opposed.


Most factions come complete with skills they will teach if you can find the trainer and gain enough standing to be worth their effort to train. Each faction has a list of skills that it will train, and the level to which it will train players is based on both your standing and the size of the faction - the bigger the faction, the more levels you can potentially gain from them.


Most factions also have a mission giver who will send you off to do tasks for the faction. You can gain access to a mission by asking the mission giver, once you find them, about 'missions'. These will reward you with XP, reputation and sometimes money and other items.

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