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Line Editor - the horrendous line editor


The default in-game editor for board posts and mail messages is known as the "menu editor". It has the following commands available:


I - Insert lines. This command prompts you for a line number and starts inserting text before it in the text. Type ** on a blank line to stop inserting.

D - Delete lines. You enter one line or a range of lines to be deleted

L - List all the lines you have entered

M - Modify text. Allows you to modify text over one or a range of lines. It asks for a piece of text and replaces every occurrence of that with the new string in all the lines you specify. Ranges are specified by begin..end; ie 1..2 or 3..4

C - Continue editing. This is basically the same as inserting onto the end of the text.

E - Enter ed. This enters the line editor that some of you love to hate. Use with caution. Has been known to burn.

S - Quit the editor and save all the changes

Q - Quit the editor and abandon any changes

H - Gives you this file

If you don't like this editor, there is an alternative. Try typing 'editor magic'. To return to the default editor, type 'editor menu'.

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