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Memory - What was it we were talking about again?


Sometimes as a result of having done somethng a number of times, you'll commit the details to memory. This applies to crafting schematics, cooking food, and tinkering with items. Once a pattern, schematic or recipe has been 100% committed to your memory, you will no longer require a paper version to craft the item.

Remembering Things

Remembering things happens automatically, but is dependent on the difficulty of the thing you are crafting. The 'memory' command will show you the things you are remembering and how far you are along the process.

Memory Limits

Your mind is remarkable - there is no limit to what you can memorise.

Syntax Forms


List the patterns, recipes and schematics stored in memory.

memory [search] <search> 

Search the patterns, recipes and schematics stored in memory.


Example one

> memory Your memory: Schematic ankle socks (75.00%) length of rope (100.00%) short bow (6.20%) arrow (12.50%) lightable torch (100.00%) simple bandage (50.00%) car tyre pauldron (15.00%) long curved sword blade (100.00%) simple bracelet (12.50%) cloth bandana (50.00%) longsword (50.00%) snowball (100.00%) cloth strip (25.00%) plain crew neck t shirt (24.90%) stake (100.00%) decorated crew neck t shirt (15.00%) pliers (25.00%) test (100.00%) embroidered symbol (100.00%) quiver (16.60%) test thing (100.00%) gimp mask (25.00%) radio amplifier (8.20%) whetstone (100.00%) kindling (75.00%) remote bug (50.00%) knee socks (12.50%) revolver bandolier (8.30%) Recipe boiled meat (50.00%) distilled water (100.00%) wine (25.00%) detoxified water (75.00%) fried meat (50.00%) Tinkering None
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