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Mr Pockets - What has it got in its pocketses?


Mr Pockets is Epitaph's game data browser, located at http://mrlogger.com/pockets/epitaph/. He stores information about game zones, game items and NPCs. He also keeps track of various aspects of players including their reputation, skills, commands and so on. Think of him a little bit like the World of Warcraft armoury.

How do I use him?

Oh no, dear children - you do not use him, he uses *you*. But he does permit you to choose the nature of the way in which he uses you. By setting the option 'options mxp pockets_in_short', those using MXP will gain a little [p] tag on each object they see. Clicking this will take them to the Mr Pockets web page. 'options pockets player' will show you the various categories of information he stores on you, and permits you to choose which data you wish to make available to the game browser.

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