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Options - What are your preferences?


There is a lot about your game experience that you can configure on Epitaph. For the most part, it's done through the 'options' command. Think of these like the preferences in any other game - they let you change how the game outputs things and also gives you some control over various game features.

Auto Options

Certain things on Epitaph require your consent. You won't automatically follow someone who offers for example, and you have an option as to whether to accept things that are given to you. The 'auto' top level option gives you access to the settings for these.


Epitaph gives you a lot of control over how the game's output is coloured. You can change the default colour used for an awful lot in this menu. Make it as colourful as you like.


Preferences relating to your combat settings go here, including whether or not you use the combat monitor, whether you see full combat or brief combat, or whether you want to suppress evasion when you leave a room. You can also switch your playerkiller status on and off here.


Communication handles various miscellaneous settings for how you deal with other players, including your various finger info settings, how the radio should be displayed, and your htell settings.


Descriptions contains settings for fine-tuning the way in which descriptive information is presented to you.


Earmuff allows you to block certain categories of game output, so as to reduce spam.


You can fine-tune a number of gameplay features here such as switching off difficulty messages, NPC mails on quests, questsense, dynamic help and social mode.


This menu lets you fine-tune various input settings such as which in-game text editor you want to use, ambigious parsing, and whether 'and' should work like a comma.

Mud Output

You can change the way certain kinds of MUD output is displayed here, such as whether you receive cooldown informs, wellbeing updates, and vote reminders.


MXP is a system that allows us to send instructions to supporting MUD clients so they show up as hyperlinks. How you make use of that is determined here.


If you're currently set up as a playtester, you can set up your protection and other such things here.


If you need to change your terminal encoding, rows, columns or type of terminal, you can do it here.

Syntax Forms

options <option> 

Display the value of a particular option.


Display your current options.

options edit <option> 

Edit a particular option.

options <option> = <value> 

Set the specified option to the specified value.

options <option> all = <value> 

Set all options in a category to a particular word.

options set <option> all "<value>" 

Set all options in a category to a particular string.

options search [for] <word> 

Search for a particular option.


Example one

> options mud_output vote_reminder=on Set option mud_output vote_reminder to on.

Example two

> options mud_output vote reminder Mud_output vote_reminder = on (Do you want to be reminded to vote for the MUD every voting period?)

Example three

> options Top level: auto colour combat communication creator descriptions earmuff game input mud_output mxp playtester terminal

Example four

options mxp Mxp: alias tags enabled = on livingmenus = on objectmenus = on
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