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Player Wipe - Or, "Where the hell did all my stuff go??"


Every so often, usually as a result of either a major shift in the game state (such as moving from alpha to beta), or as a result of some other situation of epic proportions, Epitaph reserves the right to perform a player wipe. Such wipes are extraordinary and only occur with very, very good reason.

What just happened?

A player wipe is essentially losing everything about your character that has an impact in game terms. It removes everything except for your badges and non-game elements such as friends lists and aliases and such. All your equipment, skills, stats, knacks and such will be gone, and you'll be left with only the starting newbie equipment.

How can I get it all back?

You can't, I'm afraid - we do a player wipe to ensure a fixed starting point for everyone. The only way to get back to where you were is to play the game. You should be told though, when the wipe is performed, why your progress has been reset.

Seriously, how often do you idiots do this??

Very, very rarely, and absolutely never without an iron-clad reason. It's purely to ensure a fresh start with regards to the save files everyone has - it's a neccessity of comprehensive restructuring of the code (to the point that player files simply won't load if it's not fixed), or the result of a major shift in the game's versioning. We did a wipe when moving from alpa to closed beta, as an example. You shouldn't fret that this is something that will happen to you on a regular basis - it only ever happens under truly extraordinary circumstances.

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