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Playerkilling - You're not a friend - just someone I'll kill last


Playerkilling, or PvP, is the system that allows for players to compete directly against each other in this grim, dark world of zombies and death. The Epitaph system for player-killing is low consequence - we want PK to be a fun part of the game, rather than something that allows someone to target you off of the game.

Low Consequence

PK actions on Epitaph have limited impact - you can 'kill' another player, but it costs them nothing other than their pride. You can 'steal' from another player, but only every so often. Additionally, you can only initiate PK activities with someone who has registered for that level of interaction through the 'options personal playerkiller' option. This can be toggled on and off as desired, although it takes six minutes of not being involved in PK activities before the PK flag is reset to off.

Playerkilling Rankings

As part of your score, if you have been involved in a PK fight and won (or lost), you'll find that you have a new entry - Elo. This is your Elo ranking for playerkilling activities. It works in exactly the same way as it does in chess - as you fight and defeat higher ranked opponents, your Elo goes up. As you lose, it goes down. The distance between your Elo and your opponent's Elo determines just how much your score is adjusted. Elo rankings are calculated entirely on a 1v1 basis - group PK activity does not contribute to your ranking.

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