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Reboot - Being Dragged Into The Depths


For various technical reasons, the game must reboot every now and again. When this happens, an inform will be sent to everyone from the Fourth Horseman of the Apocolypse (real name: Dave) telling them when it's going to happen.

The Countdown

If you are still online at the end of the countdown, you'll be ejected from the game. If this occurs, we make no guarantees that your character will make it through the experience unharmed. No replacements of lost experience or items or genitals will be permitted in these circumstances. Make sure you log off in plenty time.

How Often Does The Game Reboot?

The game reboots as often as it needs to - sometimes it can be weeks between reboots, sometimes it can be mere hours. The need for reboots is detected by various subsystems of the MUD, and they will usually be called for automatically when certain performance indicators for the MUD drop below certain acceptable thresholds. Sufficiently high ranking creators may also call for a manual reboot for certain things, such as introducing new functionality or fixing bugs.

How long does a reboot last?

The usual time between the reboot being called and the MUD shutting down is a little over ten minutes. The actual reboot itself is usually less than a minute - so just get up, get yourself some delicious ice-cold drink, and we'll be back up before you know it.

What's all this about being dragged into the depths??

Dramatic licence. Plus you know, sometimes it happens.

Copyright Statement

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