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Recruit A Friend - Be our guest, be our guest, put our service to the test


Being an indie game developed and operated for free, we can't afford to advertise in the way many games can and do. Our sustainability as an online endeavour is directly linked to the playerbase we can recruit and keep. Luckily, the best way to do that is already available to us, and that's to create a damn fine game that people like enough to tell their friends about!

Recruit A Friend

Epitaph operates a recruit a friend scheme that permits you to invite people to play during closed development periods (be sure to tell them that those periods involve absolutely no guarantees that the game will be running from day to day), and also to give you and your friend a small bonus should they stick around for a certain length of time. In addition, your recruitment stats are available to creators to peruse as part of the awarding of the various recruitment badges. The system works through your generating a code (done through the 'recruit' command, and your friend providing that code at character creation.

Generating codes

The number of codes that you can generate is dependent on your player age - you get one code per week of playtime. You can have ten codes extant at any one time, and as soon as one has been consumed it will disappear from your list of active codes.


The reward that you get from recruiting a friend who stays for at least two days of playtime is a burst of free TMs. These TMs are spread over all your skills, and chosen entirely randomly. In addition, you get a warm glow from knowing that you have contributed in a very real sense to the sustainability of the Epitaph community. In years to come, bards will write songs about you.

Syntax Forms

recruit_ment use [code] <code> 

Use a code that someone has generated for you.

recruit_ment generate [code] 

Generate a code for use by someone.

recruit_ment [check] used 

Check the codes that have been used.

recruit_ment [list] 

List the codes you have to give out.

recruit_ment stats for <name> 

Get recruitment stats. Creator only syntax.


Example one

> recruit generate You just generated the following code: 349L-G5JM-AR9P-P3LT You have the following valid codes you can give out: 349L-G5JM-AR9P-P3LT You have 165 codes you can give out.
Copyright Statement

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