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Respectful Development - The Informal Contract


Epitaph operates under a development philosophy called 'Respectful Development'. That means that we value the time that you spend on the game, and we appreciate that the time you invest into your characters is time that you could have so easily have been spending elsewhere. When making changes in the game, we strive, where possible, to ensure that those changes are absolutely required.

The Informal Contract

Our view is that the game that you play is an informal contract with our playerbase. We reserve the right, where neccessary, to make adjustments in the game, but where possible we will look to ensure that you receive fair recompense for any effort that you have put in. We can't always do this, but we will seek to make sure that you are never unfairly penalized for the design mistakes that we make.

Note that this does not extend to cases out outright bug-abuse, of course.

Call Us On This

If you feel that a change in the game has been made that has not been respectful of the time you have invested in the game, please raise it with a member of the administration team.

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