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Roleplaying - Putting on your robe and wizard hat


Epitaph has no requirement for players to be 'in character'. We are neither role-playing enforced or role-playing intensive. However, we do support those who wish to roleplay through our roleplaying points system.

What are roleplaying points?

Every week, players get an allowance of RP points that they can award to other people using the 'roleplaying award' command. At the end of the week (during a period known as a 'tick'), all the points that have been awarded to people are converted into XP and potentially promotion/demotions up the roleplaying prestige system. You can see the points that people have spent on you through the 'score' command. Points are not awarded on a 1-for-1 basis - those awarded by higher prestige will count for much more than a single point, and those awarded by those with low prestige will count for less than a single point.

What is Roleplaying Prestige?

Your current roleplaying prestige will be visible in your player score. Everyone starts off as incredibly low - in order to increase it, you must be awarded the requisite number of points by other players during a week's roleplaying tick. If you meet or exceed this requirement, you will be promoted a rank. If you don't meet the requirements for your current prestige level, you will be demoted a rank. Prestige determines both how much your points are worth, and also how many RP points you will get to spend in a particular roleplaying tick.

Did you say something about XP?

At the end of the tick, your roleplaying points are converted into XP and then removed from your account. While you can only earn one rank per tick, you are awarded XP based on the number of points you have been awarded regardless of your current prestige.

Syntax Forms

role_playing award <number> [points] to <player> for <string> 
role_playing award <number> [points] to <player> 


Example one

> roleplaying award 20 points to draconius for being a good sport You award 20 points to Draconius for being a good sport.
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