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Social Mode - People who need people


While Epitaph is a game of resource management in a brutally unfair world, we understand that you are not always in the mood for that kind of unremitting gameplay experience. As such, we have made available 'social mode' which you can use when you just want to hang out without having to worry about your hunger and thirst.

Enabling or Disabling Social Mode

You can enable or disable social mode through your options... 'options game social_mode' can be used to swap between the states. There is no penalty for switching in and out of RP mode.


Obviously, being able to simply switch off hunger and thirst is a powerful tool, and to prevent abuse it comes with numerous penalties. For one thing, you will no longer earn any XP (at all). You won't be able to TM, and all of your skill bonuses will be set to 0 while the mode is in effect. Oh, and your health, energy and stamina will tick down as usual - so if you get into a fight, you'll end up dead. Use it with caution, and only in a safe area!

Copyright Statement

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