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Tinkering - Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle


Tinkering is the process that allows you to improve objects in the game. Unlike upgrades which can be applied by anyone who has the appropriate item, tinkering is a complex skill and only those who have purchased it can hope to make much progress with it.

What Kind of Things Can Tinkering Do?

Tinkering is a variety of crafting, and requires books with tinkering patterns in order for you to apply enhancements. Each pattern will define what kind of object to which it can be applied, and the type of item you will need to apply it (this item will be consumed in the process). For example, to create a sawn off shotgun you will need a handsaw and a shotgun. Applying that tinkering pattern to a shotgun will result in a shotgun that is lighter and does more damage at a cost of some accuracy.

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