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Weather - It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere


Finding food is one of the key survival tasks of anyone in this new, grim world of the dead. Almost as important is your ability to find and keep appropriate shelter. The weather outside can be brutal.

The Weather

Every room on the MUD can have its own weather, although you only really see it on an everyday basis in outside rooms. The outside weather has an impact on your own comfort, as you can see by using the 'temp' command. If you are too cold, you will find tasks harder to do and will also lose some of your energy on a regular basis, and likewise if you are too hot. Your aim is to remain comfortable.

Staying Comfortable

Most clothes on Epitaph are of the same rough level of warmth (with a few obvious exceptions). More important than the specific objects of clothes you are wearing is the type of clothes and where you are wearing them. Epitaph bands these types into three catagories.


Underwear types are socks and pants/panties. Bras are not counted so as to not penalise The Ladies. For each piece of underwear that you are not wearing, you cool slightly.

Indoor Clothes

Indoor clothes are those that cover the legs, the feet, the chest and the arms. For each of these zones that are not covered, you cool a little.

Outdoor Clothes

Outdoor clothes are jackets, scarves and gloves. For each one of these that you wear, you warm yourself a little.

End Result

That may all sound quite complicated, but it should be easy enough to work with since it's very close to how real life works. If you're in a normal, indoor room you will be comfortable wearing normal, indoor clothes. If you're going outside on a pleasant day, you'll be fine without making any effort. On the other hand, if you're going out into the freezing sleet and snow, then you'll need to put on a jacket and gloves and a scarf. Temperature management should be as simple as putting on or taking sensible combinations of clothes to achieve your desired state.

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