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This commands adds a new name to the player's list of alt characters. The player whose list is being modified is marked 'main' in its group of alt characters, and the 'playerinfo' command will list all alt character names in this group. The names added to this player's list are marked as belonging to their main character's list, and the 'playerinfo' command will only show the main character's name, not the entire group.

This command can be very CPU-intensive, especially when many alt character names are specified.

Syntax Forms

addalt <player-name> <alt-name alt-name ...> 

Add all of the indicated names as alts.


Example one

> addalt draconius drakkos Added Drakkos as an alt of Draconius.

Example two

> addalt drakkos karras draconius Karras is already an alt of Draconius. Added Draconius as an alt of Drakkos.
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