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This commands adds a new entry to the player's dossier. The name of the creator who added it and the time at which it was added are also recorded. The player whose dossier is being modified doesn't have to be online. If the comment argument is provided, it is used as a single-line comment for the entry; otherwise, an editor is invoked so that multiple-line comment text could be entered.

The following event types can be added using this command: 'misc', 'harassment', 'discipline', 'replace', and 'alert'. Please refer to the 'playerinfo' command description for more information.

To print all events that can be added with addevent, use 'addevent list'.

Please remember that events for two different players end up in two different lists of entries; for this reason comments like 'ditto' should be avoided.

Alerts should be used whenever action needs to be taken but cannot at that time, due to the player being offline, not having the right information, etc. For easy reference, the commands related to alerts can be found in 'help alerts'

Syntax Forms

addevent list 

List the events that can be used for events.

addevent <player-name> <event> 

Add an event of the indicated type to the player.

addevent <player-name> <event> <comment> 

Add an event of the indicated type to the player, along with an explanatory comment.


Example one

> addevent draconius discipline Sexual innuendo. Draconius's dossier updated.

Example two

> playerinfo draconius Report for: Draconius aka Drakkos and Karras 1. Thu Oct 6 10:41:10 2011 register (by draconius) Registered Karras as an alt. 2. Sat Oct 8 19:36:14 2011 discipline (by Drakkos) Sexual innuendo.
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