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The callouts command can be used to get basic information about scheduled callouts. .EP .SP 5 5 The command can be used with no arguments to display all of the currently scheduled callouts. It can be given a file name to show all of the call outs scheduled for that file, or it can be given a qualifier (before, at or after) and a time (in seconds) to see call outs before, at, or after that particular time. .EP .SP 5 5 There is also a brief summary mode for all objects, 'count' and a 'no effects' mode, which removes effect_timer events from the call out display. The -c and -b tags are retained for backwards compatibility.


> callouts
/mudlib/handlers/garbage: '(: lagdetect :)' in 1
/mudlib/handlers/room_handler: 'check_chatters' in 1
/global/creator#17850 ('cappy'): '(: idle_out :)' in 1
/global/creator#18294 ('aquilo'): '(: idle_out :)' in 1
/global/creator#16632 ('rotas'): '(: idle_out :)' in 1
/mudlib/handlers/room_handler: 'housekeeping' in 1
/mudlib/handlers/login_handler: '(: save_users :)' in 2
/mudlib/handlers/cron_handler: 'check_jobs' in 2
/global/lord#21932 ('drakkos'): 'effect_timer' in 3
/mudlib/handlers/map: '(: check_next :)' in 3
/mudlib/handlers/fuel_handler: 'consume_fuel' in 14

Syntax Forms

callouts {-c|count} 
callouts {-b|no effects} 
callouts <file> 
callouts {before|at|after} <time> 
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