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cd [directory | object]


cd is used to change your current directory. If the directory to change to is not specified, you will change into your homedir that is specified with the homedir command. Directories can be specified relative to your current or absolutely from the root dir. Two special directories exist, '.' and '..' which have the meanings current dir, and next dir up, respectively. For more information on this have a look at /doc/general/filesystem.

You may also specify an object, which will be located using wiz_present. See 'help wiz_present' for the targets this knows. If you specify an object, your current directory will be set to the directory which contains the file for that object.

If you add the property 'expand ls nicknames' you can then nickname directory locations.


cd /
cd /w/furball
cd ..
cd examples
cd here
cd (pinkfish)
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