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cloner move <source> <dest>
cloner add <source> <dest>
cloner list [<file>]
cloner remove <source> 


The cloner is what clones items on the MUD. When an items path is changed a record can be added to the cloner to clone the item from the new path. The cloner command provides a friendly interface to the cloner so that you can view and update the filename mappings.

move This is probably the most useful command. It will rename a file (or set of files) and add a mapping entry for each one. add This simply adds a mapping entry for a file.

Both <source> and <dest> should be full paths to the files.

list This will list the current mappings. It will take wildcard filenames as well as a substring. remove This will remove a mapping


> cd /obj/furnitures
> cloner move misc/*mirror* mirrors
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