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This command locates all occurances of the given function in the given object(s), including instances where the function is shadowed. If instance is specified (as a positive number), it will find the n:th instance of the function down the inheritance chain. 'find next' is used to find the next instance from the last 'find' you issued.

a - when specified, finds all occurrences of a function in the inheritance tree for the object in question. It is mutually exclusive with the -n, -d and -h options for performance reasons.

d - when specified, extracts the function and displays the source code of the function. At the time of writing this option is only supported when only one object is given.

h - when specified, displays the autodoc comment of the function in question. Can be used in conjunction with -d to show both autodoc and source code.

n - when used in conjunction with the -d and/or -h options, adds line numbers to the output. If -d or -h is not specified, the this option will add the -d option by default.

c - this option clears all previously set flags. This can be useful if one has the option set (see below), but want to use the default behaviour.

The option 'options personal findflags' can be set to the flags you want to use by default. E.g. if you set 'options personal findflags=-dh', the flags '-dh' (source code and autodoc extraction) will be used by default if you don't specify any flags for the command.


> find long me
*** Donky: long() found in /global/player

> find long here *** The grassy knoll: long() found in /std/room/outside

> find set_short torch *** lightable torch: set_short() found in /std/basic/desc

> find -d set_short me *** Drakkos: set_short() found in /mudlib/mixins/basic/desc void set_short(mixed words) { if (functionp(words)) { if (!short_d) plural_d = (: pluralize(evaluate($(words))) :); } else { if ( !short_d && words && ( words != ) ) plural_d = pluralize( words ); } short_d = words; } /* set_short() */

find query_init_callbacks esme *** Granny Weatherwax: query_init_callbacks() found in /std/basic/init

> options personal findflags=-dh Set option personal findflags to -dh.

> find query_init_callbacks esme *** Granny Weatherwax: query_init_callbacks() found in /std/basic/init /** * Returns the current init callbacks on the object. * @return The init callbacks */ class init_callback *query_init_callbacks() { return copy( _init_callbacks ); }

Syntax Forms

find <-flags> <function> <object> 
find <function> <object> 
find <-flags> <function> <object> <instance> 
find <function> <object> <instance> 
find next 
Copyright Statement

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