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This command finds player corpses that are currently loaded. Without the player option it will find all corpses, however if you need to find a specific corpse, findcorpse with the player name after it will return the corpse location if it is loaded (ie, not decayed away).


> findcorpse Player corpse objects /obj/corpse#683722 - Nadir - /d/am/temple_cut/temple_cut06 /obj/corpse#682128 - Nadir - /d/am/temple_cut/temple_cut06 /obj/corpse#677474 - Snefmi - /d/ram/ohulan/dock_street/under_bridge /obj/corpse#675815 - Phru - /d/am/heroes/heroes1 /obj/corpse#675728 - Loren - /d/am/bookkeepers/bookkeepers01 /obj/corpse#26546 - Umbelly - /d/am/short/mansion/man_c_10 6 player corpses. 

Syntax Forms

findc_orpse <player> 
Copyright Statement

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