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The gag command can be used to temporarily stop a particular character using talker channels, 'newbie', and 'shout'. It should be used if a player spams or uses profanity, harassment, or abuse on a channel or in shouts. In some circumstances it's appropriate to give a warning first.

Note that the gag reason is written to the *player* now, as well as creators, so make sure it's suitable. The ideal gag reason to give is the objectionable chat itself. A 'gag' playerinfo event can be added manually to give supplemental cre-only information.

The syntax allows you to specify the length of time until the gag times out. If no minutes are specified, the command defaults to 15.

All creators can gag players, but if you do we request you discuss the gag with them, or ask a Liaison to. Gags are logged to the character's playerinfo, as well as /log/GAG.

Gags serve two concurrent purposes. A gag acts as a silencer to stop a player continuing with an abusive thread or spam, stopping them subjecting everyone listening to it and giving you a chance to talk to them about it. And, they act as a minor punishment. If a player needed to be gagged, they can wait 15 minutes for it to timeout, rather than be ungagged.


> gag troll Troll wisped: all iraq people are bad!! lets bomb them!!!
Okay, gagged Troll for 15 minutes. Now please discuss your reason for gagging with them.
[Nate gagged Troll for: Troll wisped: all iraq people are bad!! lets bomb them!!!]

Player sees: You have been gagged by Nate for the reason: Troll wisped: all iraq people are bad!! lets bomb them!!! You will not be able to shout, chat or use the newbie channel until the gag is removed.

> playerinfo troll add gag Explained what was wrong with this, and warned about permanent loss of talker privileges. Troll's dossier updated.

Syntax Forms

gag <player> <reason> 
gag <player> <reason> <minutes> 
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