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This command will print the inheritance hierarchy of an object, showing which objects are inherited by this one, which are inherited by those, etc. The object must be specified by its file name, and the file must be loaded.

If a second file name is given, only the branches of the inheritance tree that contain that file will be printed.


Virtual objects behave as if their base object had been given as the argument (possibly a deficiency in inherit_list()?).

It would be nice if wiz_present-type descriptions could be given for the object (e.g., 'red book in me').

Syntax Forms

inh_eritance <word> [with] <word> 
inh_eritance <word> 
inh_eritance <wiz-present> with <wiz-present> 
inh_eritance <wiz-present> 
inh_eritance classcount <word> [with] <word> 
inh_eritance classcount <word> 
inh_eritance classcount <wiz-present> with <wiz-present> 
inh_eritance classcount <wiz-present> 
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