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The multiplayer command is used to manipulate and/or list the database for multiplayers. This database contains 2 things, the list of players that are known multiplayers and the list of players that are known to be on a shared network server and are allowed to be on from the same IP number. If they are on the first list, automatic playerinfo 'multiplay' event entries will be added by the multiplayer handler when they are multiplaying and 'multiplayer' type informs occur as well. They will also show up in the netdups listing as 'not allowed'. If a player is on the second list, the netdups listing shows them as being allowed.

A player pair is added to the allowed list with the 'add allowed' command. This will stop informs from showing up if they log on from the same IP address, and will also remove both names from the 'Not allowed with' field in the netdups command. It will also add an entry to their playerinfo. Note that the info is updated for both players, so you don't need to add 'bing' and 'frog' if you already added 'frog' and 'bing'.

A not allowed player is added to the multiplayer list (i.e. the not allowed list) with the 'add git' command.

A player can be removed from the allowed list with the 'del allowed' command, from the gits list with the 'del git' command.

The 'log' command can be used to to mark automatically generated 'multiplay' events in the playerinfo database as 'handled'. If you don't give a log message, a default text is entered.

The 'allow site' command allows you to permit multipleusers to login from a site for a short period. This can be used to chart people who claim to be separate but who are not yet allowed together. The adddress parameter is the IP address (found with netstat).

Finally, the 'list' command lists the currently known multiplayers. By appending 'allow' to the command the list of allowed multiplayers is shown. The same happens with just the 'allow' argument. If no argument is given, the currently known multiplayers are listed.


> multiplayer
> multiplayer list
The list currently consists of:
Badgit1 and Badgit2

> multiplayer allow > multiplayer list allow The list currently consists of: Turrican and Wodan

> multiplayer add git sadgit 'sadgit' added.

> multiplayer add allowed niceperson okayperson 'niceperson' added.

> multiplayer log sadgit I talked to the guy, he said he wouldn't do it again. Marked 'multiplay' playerinfo events for 'sadgit' as 'I talked to the guy, he said he wouldn't do it again.'.

Syntax Forms

multipl_ayer list allow 
multipl_ayer add git <name> 
multipl_ayer add allowed <first name> <second name> 
multipl_ayer allow site <address|name> 
multipl_ayer del allowed <name> completely 
multipl_ayer log <name> 
multipl_ayer log <name> <log text> 
multipl_ayer list allow <name> 
multipl_ayer del allowed <name> <second name> 
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