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The 'playerinfo' command is used to perform several functions, some of which are duplicated by other commands.

1) Display a player's dossier 2) Add events to a player's dossier 3) Add and remove alts from a player's dossier 4) Handle 'alerts' (more on this below) 5) List the valid alert types

The information stored in a player's dossier is mostly useful for liaisons who want to check the player's behavior history, punitive measures, item replacements and so on. For each entry in the dossier the following information is provided:

1) Date and time when the event was recorded 2) Type of the event 3) Name of the creator who added the entry 4) A text field describing the details of the event

Entries are displayed in chronological order, with the most recent events coming last. If there are more than 10 events in a player's dossier, by default only the most recent 10 will be displayed. You can access all the events by using 'playerinfo <playername> verbose'. If you want to display every entry every time, you can add the 'verbose playerinfo' property to yourself with a value of 1.

You can use the 'interleaved' keyword to display all events in a player's dossier plus the events in the dossiers of every one of their alts, in chronological order. Each event's header will have the name of the player in parentheses between the number and the date. Alerts

In the special case of 'alert' type events, The player will show up (to creators only) on the login inform:

> [Gumboot enters Discworld 1 alert]

This alert may then be 'acknowledged'. If the type is not specified, it will go onto their dossier as a 'misc' event. You can specify the type by using this syntax: playerinfo <playername> acknowledge <event> [as <event type>] <comment>

When you acknowledge an alert, the original information about who added it and when, and what they said will remain, so all you need to do is explain what you did to resolve the alert (rather than having to paraphrase the original as well).

You can also list the players who have alerts with 'playerinfo list alerts', or list only those who have alerts and are currently online, with 'playerinfo list alerts online'.

The player whose dossier is being printed doesn't have to be online. If the optional event argument is provided, only entries of this type are printed. Event types

The following events are generated automatically: replace Item replacement; generated by Presto's wand gag Gagging and ungagging; generated by the gag command suspend Player suspension; generated by the 'suspend' command meteor Nuking; generated by the 'meteor' and 'fry' commands multiplay Cases of multiplaying; generated by the multiplayer handler refresh Partial or complete refreshes; generated by the refresh handler misc Many places around the disc can add miscellaneous events to a player's dossier; for example: registering to be a PK, applying to become a creator or playtester.

The following events can be added manually using the 'addevent' command: replace Replacement of items that are not on the wand harassment Cases of harassment misc General information that doesn't fit in any of the above categories discipline General comments done with regards to discipline alert As explained above

To print all events supported by the database, use 'playerinfo list'. Notes

1. The 'replace' events expire after 30 days.

2. The player information database doesn't contain events that happened before it was implemented.

3. If a player deletes, their playerinfo dossier will not be updated. Someone with the correct write access should delete their playerinfo file and clear their alerts.

4. For easy reference, the commands related to alerts can be found in 'help alerts'

5. Note that only Senior creators can handle alts.

6. If you wish to enter a multiline event, simply leave off the comment when adding the event; you will be prompted for it. You can not use this when acknowledging alerts; only when adding new events.


> playerinfo pinkfish
Report for: Pinkfish

16. Sun Nov 1 09:56:18 1998 harassment (added by Fiona) Made me code this playerinfo database.

> playerinfo macchirton gag 1. Mon Nov 2 07:40:52 1998 gag (added by Presto) For being unable to fix his spacebar.

> playerinfo lagger Report for: Lagger

1. Wed Nov 10 12:17:05 1999 alert (added by Shrike) Please remove this player's nipples when he logs on next. He stole them from Pinkfish's pantry.

> playerinfo lagger acknowledge 2 as discipline Ok. Surgically removed his nipples, and also took his pants for good measure. Event acknowledged.

> playerinfo lagger Report for: Lagger

1. Wed Nov 10 12:19:37 1999 discipline (added by Pinkfish) Originally added by Shrike at Wed Nov 10 09:56:22 1999: Please remove this player's nipples when he logs on next. He stole them from Pinkfish's pantry. —- Ok. Surgically removed his nipples, and also took his pants for good measure.

Syntax Forms

playerinfo list 
playerinfo list alerts 
playerinfo list alerts online 
playerinfo list alerts alphabetically 
playerinfo <playername> 
playerinfo <playername> verbose 
playerinfo <playername> interleaved 
playerinfo <playername> <event type> interleaved 
playerinfo <playername> <event type> 
playerinfo <playername> acknowledge <event number> <comment> 
playerinfo <playername> acknowledge <event number> as <event type> <comment> 
playerinfo <playername> add [event] <event type> 
playerinfo <playername> add [event] <event type> <comment> 
playerinfo <playername> addalt <alt-name alt-name ...> 
playerinfo <playername> delalt <alt-name alt-name ...> 
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