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Sar is used to search and replace every occurence of <search string> with <replace string>, in <files>. The first usage requires for there to be no spaces in either of the strings. The second usage allows for spaces. The ! can be replaced by any other character, as long as it does not occur in either string (if ! is in either string, another character would have to be used). You can have carriage returns in either of the strings (handy for inserting whole new lines) by representing them by ^M (that's caret M, not control M). The files can be specified using wildcards.


> sar MYPATH ROOM /w/bill/*
> sar ^Pinkfish likes Wombles^ ^Bill likes Aardvarks^ /global/pla*
> sar #set_zone( 'Fog' );# #set_zone( 'Fog' );^Mset_zone( 'alley' );# *.c
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