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This command is used to set up your current variables. The only variable currently available are the ones used to customise your people, netstat and so on commands.

If you specify the help command it will show you the list of one letter abbreviations for the fields.

The format of each field is fairly simple. If it starts with a % it is interpreted as a special sequence. Anything that does not start with a % is inserted directly as a string. If the % is followed by a | the text in that field with be centered, if it is followed by a - it is right justified.


%-12n%|3T%|6G %|10g

For example, will print the lowercased name in 12 characters, the type centered in three characters. (The type is a C, L, H, or whatever). The Gender centered in 6 characters and the guild centered in 10 characters. I hope this confuses your day.

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