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Many souls on Epitaph are sorted into categories to make writing extensive add_respond_to_with()s easier. For example, you can make a NPC respond to each soul under the 'violent' category by using '%violent' instead of an array with each violent soul command you can think of preceded by an @. This command lets you view the different categories.

There are two kinds of categories; base categories and synonyms. A synonym is either a different name for one base category, or the union of several base categories. The syntaxes 'soulinfo category' and 'soulinfo synonyms' respectively lists the available base categories and synonyms.

'soulinfo category <soul>' displays what categories (base and synonym) the given soul belongs to.

'soulinfo synonym <category>' shows what base category(ies) a given synonym category consists of.

Syntax Forms

soulinfo category 
soulinfo synonyms 
soulinfo category <soul> 
soulinfo synonym <category> 
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