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This command allows you to create and keep track of a todo list. It sorts the todo list in priority order and by type. The type can be anything you wish, to help you keep your tasks more ordered. The priority can be any of 'VL' very low, 'L' low, 'H' high, 'VH' very high and 'U' urgent. If you put a 'P' on the end of the priority string, then you make the todo item private. A private todo item can only be seen by you. The description can be anything you wish it to be.

The id you use to complete a todo list item with is the number specified after a # when listed.

You can also see other creators todo lists, so hopefully seeing what they are actually working on. .


> todo list
> todo add L fluffy To be really nice to Pinkfish all the time
> todo add U bug To fix the really hairy bug in the explode monsters spell
> todo complete 1

Syntax Forms

todo <creator> 
todo category <category> 
todo <creator> category <category> 
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