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Cards Against Humanity - A terrible game for terrible people


Cards against Humanity is one of the worst games constructed by human imagination. To play it, you need a mobile phone, a radio tuned to 1308, and a shocking lack of morals.


Cards Against Humanity (CAH for short) is NOT for the easily offended. All of our usual rules regarding language, racism and harrasment are suspended during the game. If you join up, or even switch on the radio channel, you are implicitly accepting the often very offensive nature of the festivities.

How to Join

To join a game of CAH, you need a mobile phone, and the telephone number of the game (currently set to 123456). Text the word 'join' to this number, and you'll be added to the roster. The game needs at least four people to play, and so you may have to wait until more people join up. When you are tired of the game, you can text 'leave' to the same number.

How to Play

The game progresses in rounds. Each round, a judge is selected at random. Everyone else is given a list of numbered cards. The host will announce a question on channel 1308, and all the players will have an opportunity to play their cards. Playing cards is done by texting the number of the card(s) you wish to play to the CAH phone number. If you want to play card 3, then you 'text 3 to 123456'. If you want to play cards 7 and then 5, you 'text 7 5 to 123456'. When you text multiple cards, ordering is preserved when your answer is reported.

Judging Rounds

If you are selected to be the judge, you do not play cards in that round - instead, you judge the answers that have been given. As with playing cards, you simply text the number of the entry that you like the most - you are the one to decide what you are looking for most in an answer. You may want to go for the funniest, the most appropriate, or even the most offensive if you so desire. Whoever owned the answer you selected will be given a point, and the next round will begin.

Credit where Credit is Due

Or perhaps, blame where blame is due. Cards Against Humanity is a variant of the family game Apples to Apples. The original source of the game and some of the first game cards can be found at: http://cardsagainsthumanity.com/.

Copyright Statement

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