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Countdown - Two from the top and the rest from anywhere


Countdown is Epitaph's in-game version of the popular TV word game show. It is hosted by the zombie of Richard Whitely, who holds court on channel 1307.

How to Play

If there is no game in progress, you can begin one by chatting '!countdown' on channel 1307. If there is a game in progress, you simply chat the words that you are able to make from the provided letters. The longer the word you make, the more points you get.


Each word earns a number of points equal to its length minus two - a three letter word gets you one point, and an eight letter word gets you six. You are awarded points only for your best word in a round, and your word must be original - only the person who says a word for the first time will be given points.


The engine for Richard Whitely is hosted by our very own Eek@Epitaph in a locked safe in his fortress of eternal solitude.

Copyright Statement

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