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Liars Dice - A bluffing game


A game of bluffing and fun. Each round everyone rolls their dice and takes a peek at their dice. The game starts from a random player and they must then make a bid on how many dice of a certain type they think are contained under everyones hidden cups. So for examples, if Dlsss bid 6 of 2 then she is saying she thinks there are at least 6 dice of a value of 2 under everyone's cup. 1's count as a wild, so if there were 5 2's and a 1 then Dlsss would still have made her bid. If she is wrong, she could lose a die. If you bid 1's then the number of die counts as double. Each turn you must either bid or challenge the previous die roll. If you challenge the die roll then if the person made their bid you lose a die if they did not make their bid then they lose a die. If you run out of dice altogether you drop out of the game. The last person left with dice is the winner. When you make a bid your bid must be higher than the previous persons bid. You can either bid the same number of die but a higher number or you can bid a higher number of dice and any number.

Syntax Forms

start [new] [game] on <object> 

No verbose syntax hints available.

challenge [die] [roll] {in|on} <object> 

No verbose syntax hints available.

bid <number of dice> of <roll> {in|on} <object> 

No verbose syntax hints available.

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