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Modern Art - a bidding game of art and pretty paintings


Modern Art is a bidding game where everyone is bidding for priceless works of art from a number of wonderful artists. The game is divided into 4 rounds, at the end of each round you sell off any paintings you have bought and collect your money. The object of the game is to have the most money at the end of 4 rounds.

A player's turn consists of playing one of their paintings in their hand for auction. The type of auction is determined by the card, the types of auctions are: Open, Once Around, Sealed, Fixed and Double. A 'O' indicates an open auction, this means that it works like you would expect an auction to work, everyone bids and the highest bid when the seller of the painting 'close's the bidding wins the auction. Once Around is indicated by an 'A' and it means that everyone in order from the current player places a bid on the painting, the current player gets the last bid, if no one else has bid the starting player must bid. Sealed is indicated by an 'S', this means everyon puts their bids on the board (hidden) and the bids are all revealed when the last person puts their bid in. Fixed is indicated by an 'F', this means that the start player sets a price for the painting (by bidding on it), then everyone in order gets a chance to buy the painting, if no one buys it the starting player must buy it. Double is indicated by a 'D', this card cannot be played alone and must be played with another card of the same artist, when this is done both cards are auctioned as one unit.

If the player buys a painting from another player, then the other player gets the money spent. If they buy the painting from themselves, then the money goes to the bank.

A round ends when someone plays the 5th painting of a certain artist. This 5th card is not bought by anyone and is not used in any way, except to end the round and guarantee that artist wins the round.

At the begining of the next round some more cards are dealt to each player (except at the beginning of the 4th and last round).

The artist with the most cards in play wins the round and their paintings are worth an extra 30 thousand, the artist with the second most is worth 20 thousand and the third most is 10 thousand. Fourth and fifth most do not score any points. Only artists which scored in this round will make money, you add up the total cost of the artist based on any extra points they had in previous rounds and this is the total cost of each painting that someone has collected.

Everyone starts the game with 100 thousand units.

Quick Summury of bid types

'O' - Open Open auctions keep going till the starting player 'close's the bidding.

'S' - Sealed Sealed auctions, everyon puts in a secret amount of money and then the bids are all revealed when the last person puts in their bid.

'A' - Once Around The bidding goes around in a circle starting from the next player from the current player. Each player can bid on the painting or pass, the current player gets the last chance to bid on the painting.

'F' - Fixed Fixed price auction, the current player sets a price and then everyone gets a chance to buy at the specified price. The current player must buy it if everyone else rejects it.

'D' - Double Cannot be played alone, makes two cards auctioned at once.

Cards per round

Num players Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4

3 10 6 6 0

4 9 4 4 0

5 8 3 3 0


If two cards are played as a double and this makes the total of a certain type more than 5 then both of the cards played are discarded and that painting type will win.

Example of play

Three people playing: Dlsss, Pinkfish and Kitiana

Pinkfish plays a Flurf as an open auction.

Dlsss buys it for 6.

Kitiana plays a Bringle as a fixed auction for 20.

No one buys it so Kitiana buys it for 20.

Dlsss plays a flurf as an open auction.

Pinkfish buys it for 12.

Pinkfish plays a Flurf as a once around.

Kitiana buys it for 12.

- 3 flurf and 1 Bringle are in play, so two more flurfs or 4 more bingles must be played to end the round. If Flurf comes 1st each painting of Flurf will be worth 30, and Bringle will be worth 20. Since there is no third painting, then there will be no third place.

Kitiana plays a Flurf as a sealed auction.

Pinkfish buys it for 15.

Syntax Forms

bid <number> [thousand] on <object> 

No verbose syntax hints available.

pass on <object> 

No verbose syntax hints available.

play <card> on <object> 

No verbose syntax hints available.

finish [game] on <object> 

No verbose syntax hints available.

start [new] [game] on <object> 

No verbose syntax hints available.

close on <object> 

No verbose syntax hints available.

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