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This command allows you to setup a list of sites (IP addresses) from which your character can login. This can help prevent unauthorised use of your character.

When someone tries to login your character the system will check your IP address against your allow list. If the address is not on the allow list they will not be permitted to login.

You can setup a list of addresses you are allowed to login from. If you completely clear your list of sites you can login from, it stops the restrictions from working.

Addresses should be given using dotted quad notation (eg. To permit groups of addresses partial addresses may be given (eg. 127.0).

Syntax Forms

access add <address> 

Add an address from which you can log on.

access remove <address> 

Remove an address from which you can log on.

access ip 

Display the IP from which you are currently logging on.

access reset 

Reset all your current authorizations.

access [list] 

Show your current authorizations.

access for <name> <address> 

Authorise a person for a particular IP address. Lord only syntax.

access reset for <name> 

Reset authorisations for a particular person. Lord only syntax.


Example one

> access You are allowed to login from anywhere.

Example two

> access add You are now allowed to login from

Example three

> access reset You are currently allowed to login from: Are you sure you want to reset your access list?
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