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Ask - Ask an NPC about some stuff


Conversations with NPCs on Epitaph are handled by a conversational keyword system. The 'ask' command is used to ask an NPC about a particular topic. If the NPC has a response to that keyword, it will give the response.

Keyword Highlighting

You can ensure that topics are highlighted in speech by switching on conversational keyword highlighting in your options, under 'options communication conversational_keywords'. MXP will make topics MXP linked, and colour will highlight them in colour. You can also choose to switch keywords off entirely.

Syntax Forms

ask <npc> {about|for} <topic> 

Ask the indicated NPC about the specified topic.


Example one

> ask john about safe area You ask Old John a question. Old John says: The safe area is marked by the chain link fence - don't step outside the safe area unless you're sure you know what you're doing.

See Also:

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