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Benefits are little bonuses you accrue as you progress through the game. Sometimes they come with age, sometimes they come as the result of quests being completed, and sometimes they have other more esoteric requirements. They allow you to interact with the game in an extended way.

Example Benefits

Sometimes game interactions are limited by age. You can't vote in a poll until you're over two days of character age, for example. You can't create your own clan until you've reached two weeks of character age. You can't chat on the dwchat intermud channel unless you have completed a particular quest. Each of these are benefits that you can earn, and the benefits command will allow you to list the ones you have, and the ones you have yet to earn.

Syntax Forms

bene_fits [list] 

List all of the benefits your character has attained.

bene_fits [list] unobtained 

List unobtained benefits.

bene_fits [details] <benefit> 

Get the details of the indicated benefit.


Example one

> benefits Character Benefits: * Vote In Polls * Chat On Channel 1251 * Chat On Newbie * Chat On Channel 1301 * Create A Clan * Generate A Recruitment Code * Transmit Messages To Radio Terra Libre * View Full Quest Solutions * Chat On Channel 1260 * Set A Player Title

Example two

> benefits unobtained Unobtained Character Benefits: You have no benefits to attain.

Example three

> benefits view full quest solutions Name View Full Quest Solutions Description Can view full quest solutions on the web. Gained By Being over a week of playing time.
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