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The blog command is used to view entries on any of the creator blogs.

Syntax Forms

blog [view] <blog> entry <id> 

View the specific entry of the specified blog.

blog [view] <blog> latest 

View the last entry in the specified blog.

blog [view] <blog> 

View all the entries in the specified blog (warning - can be very spammy)

blog [view] <blog> last <number> 

View the last few entries in the specified blog, with the number indicating how many entries to view.

blog [list] 

List all the blogs registered with the system.

blog to <blog> 

Creator only syntax - used to add an entry to a specific blog. Using the command will open an editor window.


Example one

> blog view recent developments last 10 There are 236 entries in this blog. [592] : New Achievement: Scarebear [591] : New Achievement: Hell's Kitchen [590] : New Achievement: Drill Sergeant [589] : New Achievement: Say What Again [588] : New Achievement: Anger Management [587] : Dynamic No Help [585] : Syntax Syntax [584] : Clan Permissions [583] : New Achievement: Always In Character [582] : New Achievement: Method Actor

Example two

> blog view recent developments entry 585 ID 585 Title Syntax Syntax Word Count 79 Body A new syntax has been added to... well, syntax. 'syntax verbose' Over the next few weeks, commands are going to be expanded to expose more information to various parts of the mudlib - mainly the helpfile system, so it's easier for us to keep helpfiles up to date. More commands will start to provide explanatory verbose text of their syntaxes as time goes by, but you'll find a few (such 'achievements' and the various assemble commands) that have some now. Author Drakkos Categories Game Time Posted Thu Sep 29 17:50:30 2011

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