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Bright gives you an estimate, based on your race, of the illumination of an object or objects and of any light that they may be producing. If no arguments are given, it considers your environment.

You can also use this to gauge the brightness of nearby rooms.

You can use this to gauge the relative brightness of various objects, so you can tell which one is bright than another.

Syntax Forms

bright <target> 

Gauge the brightness of the indicated target.

bright exit <exit name> 

Gauge the brightness of the room through the specified exit.

bright [here] 

Gauge the brightness of your current environment.

bright <item 1> against <item 2> 

Gauge the brightness of item 1 against the brightness of item 2.


Example one

> bright The Winchester's main bar is very brightly lit.

Example two

> bright screwdriver The sonic screwdriver is very bright.

Example three

bright exit south Alphabet Street is quite well lit.

Example four

bright screwdriver against pig symbol A silver worried pig symbol gives off less light than the sonic screwdriver.
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