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Buffs are bonuses that are affecting your character. This command allows you to list all the buffs that are currently affecting you.

Syntax Forms

buff_s [list] 

List the buffs currently affecting you.

buff_s [list] debuffs 

List the debuffs currently affecting you.


Example one

> buffs rallied (x1) This knack is a result of you being rallied by an ally's battlecry. While this knack is active, you do 10% extra damage and lose resolve and energy at 10% of the usual speed. philosopher (x1) This knack gives you the ability to assume a second moral code to go along with your first drowsy (x1) Each stack of this knack improves the benefit you get from powernapping by 20%, and will remove any restrictions to your sleeping. This comes at a cost of 5% per stack to all your skills while the knack is in place. lucky (x1) Things just work out more often than they should for you. Whenever you fail a skill check, there is a chance (1% per stack) that you get a second roll. If the second result is better than the first, you'll be given the most beneficial roll. master crafter (x1) The quality of any item that you create is improved by one level for each stack you possess farmer giles (x5) This knack gives you a bonus of 1% to your butchering, harvesting, skinning, curing and tanning. english language (x3) This is a language knack
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