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This command lets you view all of your bugs in various ways. It allows you to see them ordered in various ways and also see all of your bugs, or only your opened bugs. The system will only show 150 bugs at a time and the 'bugs next' command will show you the next 150 bugs if there are more to be displayed.

Syntax Forms


List your currently open bugreps.

bugs object <object> 

List your bugreps on a specific object.

bugs command <command> 

List your bugreps on a specific command.

bugs next 

Display the next bug in your last query.

bugs mine 

List all your bugreps, open and closed.

bugs mine type {bug|typo|idea|all} status {open|fixed|fixing|considering|denied|all} 

List your reports by type and status.

bugs order {date|descending date|directory|filename} 

Set the default ordering of the lists you get through this command.

bugs <number> 

View the bugrep with the specified number.


Example one

> bugs mine #116072 Jan 20 2010 18:05 by drakkos (BUG - ROOM - FIXED) #116075 May 12 2010 12:16 by drakkos (BUG - ROOM - FIXED) #116079 May 12 2010 13:24 by drakkos (BUG - COMMAND - FIXED) #116165 Jun 5 2010 14:29 by drakkos (BUG - GENERAL - FIXED) #116883 Feb 19 2011 13:31 by drakkos (BUG - ROOM - FIXED)

See Also:

bug, idea, typo
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