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Draw - Pull a weapon from its scabbard and equip it


This command will attempt to pull a weapon out of its scabbard and equip it. It will fail if you don't have a scabbard that contains the weapon, or if you can't equip the weapon.

If you draw a two-handed weapon, or you are currently holding a two-handed weapon, you will put it down in order to hold the new weapon.

This command is only available when you have a scabbard.

Syntax Forms

draw <weapon> 

Draw a specified weapon from a scabbard or holster.

draw <weapon> and <weapon> 

Draw the two specified weapons at the same time.

draw <weapon> from <scabbard> 

Draw the specified weapon from a specified scabbard or holster.

draw <weapon> and <weapon> from <scabbard> 

Draw the two specified weapons from the specified holster(s) or scabbard(s).

draw <weapon> into [my] {left hand|right hand} 

Draw a specified weapon into a particular hand.

draw <weapon> into [my] {left hand|right hand} and <weapon> into [my] {left hand|right hand} 

Draw two weapons, each into the indicated hands.

draw <weapon> from <scabbard> into [my] {left hand|right hand} 

Draw the specified weapon from the specified scabbard into the specified hand.


Example one

> draw revolver You draw the .69 revolver from one of the pistol holsters into your left hand.

See Also:

sheathe, hold, unhold, equip
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