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'options earmuff' by itself displays information saying whether your earmuffs are currently on or off. 'options earmuff events' shows which things you currently have earmuffed.

'options earmuff state=on' turns on the blocking. All of the events you have set to be blocked will be blocked from this time on, you won't see them. The off parameter turns off the blocking. The status of the blocking is independent of the actual events being blocked.

'options earmuff state=allowfriends' turns on the blocking, but it allows all of your friends to still communicate with you. It blocks everyone else.

The last thing you can do with the command is turn on and off the blocking of the various events. If you don't specify on or off after the type the value is toggled. If you put an on or off there it is set to that value.

Syntax Forms


Give an output of your current earmuff settings.

ear_muffs {on|off|all|none|allowfriends} 

Alter your earmuff settings appropriately. You can switch them on and off, enable all or enable none, or allow your friends to bypass any earmuff you enable.

ear_muffs list 

List all your valid earmuff categories.

ear_muffs <string> 

Toggle the earmuff of a particular category.

ear_muffs <string> {on|off} 

Switch the indicated earmuff setting either on or off.


Example one

> earmuff list The following are valid earmuff categories: shout, newbie, remote-soul, multiple-soul, multiple-tell, teach, tell, remote, multiple-remote, distant-room-chatter, effect-chatter, hint, npc-soul, other-actions, room-chat, tm, weather, mission, achievement, quest, combat-special, combat-position, goal, command, bad-things, stealth, roleplaying, search, death, clan, exploration, maestro, playtesterxp-award, cre, lord, code, liaison, intermud-all, intercre, intergossip, dwcre, dwchat, remote-spam, newbiehelpers, verbose-logon, cemetery, game, support, code, cre, liaison, intergossip, ifluffos, dchat, dwcre, dwchat, intercre, igame, inews, ichat, icode, irc and lord

Example two

> earmuff cre off You are not earmuffing cre events anymore.

Example three

> earmuff allowfriends Earmuffs set to allow friends through.

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