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Exploration - I am going out - I may be some time.


New locations in Epitaph are marked as exploration nodes - when you enter them for the first time, you'll be given some XP (the amount depending on how often the location is found). The exploration command allows you to see how much exploration XP you have earned, and also how many locations are left to explore. XP from exploration is based on how recently the node had last been visited - the longer it's been since anyone has been there, the more experience will be awarded when you visit it.

Syntax Forms


Give a quick summary of where you have explored.

exp_loration full 

Give a full overview of where you have explored, outlining the XP earned from each.


Example one

> exploration You have explored the following places: Anyold Iron Scrap Metal Dealer Dunglen Train Station Southern Dunglen Archer Park Football Stadium Dunglen University What The Dickens Bookshop Dunglen Barracks Galaxy Casino Dunglen Docks North Dunglen Military Post You have earned a total of 2875 exploration XP. You have zero more places to explore.

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