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Follow - Used to follow other npcs or players.


Used to follow a person/npc around as they move from room to room. This is the out of character form of following someone. This sort of follow will always succeed, even if the person you are following is hidden or if they are invisible in some way. This form of follow requires you to accept the follow request.

If you use the command by itself with no arguments then it will show who is currently following you.

Syntax Forms

fo_llow <living> 

Request to be allowed to follow the indicated target.

fo_llow invite <living> 

Invite the target to follow you. They will be asked to accept your invitation.

fo_llow accept <living> 

Accept a follow request or follow offer you've received.


Show the people you are following and who are following you.


Example one

> follow draconius You make a follow request to Draconius Wyrmstalker. Draconius Wyrmstalker accepts the follow request from you.

Example two

Darth Drakkos Wyrmstalker is requesting to be able to follow you. Use 'follow accept drakkos'. follow accept drakkos You accept the follow request from Darth Drakkos Wyrmstalker.

See Also:

lose, pursue, unfollow
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